Rockford Germania Gesang Verein – Jan. 1883

“The benefit concert and ball given by the Germania last evening at Metropolitan Hall, was a good success. The crowd in attendance was large and of exceptional good character.  After half past eight the concert commenced, consisting of singing from the Swedish quartette and a dozen of the best singers in the Germania.  The singing of the quartette was excellent and heartily applauded by the appreciative audience. The quartette received the hearty thanks of the Germania society for their kindness and good music. The German singers were not behind them in the excellence of their music, a notable selection being the piece sung by them at the Garfield memorial service,  The concert lasted about an hour, after which the impatient dancers became possessed of the floor and tripped the light fantastic to the music furnished by Dedrickson’s orchestra of seven pieces.  The managers cleared nearly a hundred dollars by the scheme, which will be sent to the sufferers of the Rhine floods.  The committee by whom the arrangements were made, and who so skillfully carried the progamme through, consisted of the following gentlemen: Messrs. Charles Mayers, George Schmalz, Albert Mayers, Anton Gillardon, Peter Bahm and William Storch.”

Source: The Rockford Daily Register, January 17, 1883