Dr. Kris Tumilowicz – 2012

Dr. T

Source:  Northwest Quarterly magazine, Spring 2012  *the small portion of the article above is not the entirety of the article by Paul Anthony Arco.

According to this article, Tumilowicz no longer owns the Rockford IceHogs. “The franchise is now owned by BMO Harris Bank Authority.” “Dental Dimensions remains a major sponsor of the IceHogs and Tumilowicz chairs the IceHogs Charitable Foundation.”

The entirety of this article is available online and can be found by doing a Google search.

Tumilowizc, Dr. Kris

see also Harlem Blvd., 1953/55  2 articles Billionaire Blue House

“Cheryl Rogers still leads by 100 votes”

“Several deals near completion for hockey teams”

“Meet the finalists”  (Person of the Year)

“CentreEvents reports deal to obtain AHL franchise”

“Drektrah takes over Hounds ownership” owns 49% of IceHogs, 100% of Hounds

“Hawks could bridge gap between old, new IceHogs” undeserved boos over Kris Tumilowicz sinnging National Anthem

Source: Rockford Register Star 2/23/2007

“Person of the Year”  nominated but did not win

Source: Rockford Register Star 2/25/2007

“Metro sales tax faces latest test”

Source: Rockford Register Star 3/1/2007

“Rockford officials certain sales-tax protest will fail” Those recently associated with sales-tax  opposition: include Kris Tumilowicz and Craig Drektrah,

Source: Rockford Register Star 3/2/2007

“Nuevos Icehogs tienen problema de imagen”

Source: Rockford Register Star 3/8/2007

“Centre Events hockey deal nearly wrapped up”

Source: Rockford Register Star 3/14/2007

“Park District in Full Bloom, thanks to these volunteers”  “Yes, Rockford will get its owb AHL League” name and branding rights belong to Dr. Kris Tumilowicz

Source: Rockford Register Star 3/16/2007

“The deal is done: IceHogs, MetroCentre on way up”

Source: Rockford Register Star 5/20/2007

“Ulanski answers big, early for IceHogs”  dental work by Dr. Kris Tumilowicz

Source: Rockford Register Star 5/21/2007 & www.icehogs.com

“With Championship in Hand, Martinson plans to move on”

Source: Rockford Register Star 5/26/2007 & www.icehogs.com

“End of a hockey era” “Parade, gathering at the MetroCentre cap party”

Source: Rockford Register Star 5/27/2007

“Council Oks pay raises for non-union workers” Other Business: Kris Tumilowicz of the Rockford IceHogs        showed off the Colonial Cup United Hockey league trophy that was won Thursday…..”

Source: Rockford Register Star 5/30/2007

“Dektrah folds Chicago Hounds UHL Franchise” former co-owner IceHogs with Kris Tumilowicz

Source: Rockford Register Star 6/7/2007

“Pairings” (Pro-Am) “Paul Gow” (Pro-Am) Terry Brown, Tom Etier, Joe Geraghty Jr., Dr. Kris Tumilowicz

Source: Rockford Register Star 7/15/2007

“Arena Plans Could Key Return of CBA” former IceHogs owner Dr. Kris Tumilowicz

Source: Rockford Register Star 9/11/2007

“Dentist Contributes to Facelift at MetroCentre” $360,000 for naming rights “former IceHogs owner buys luxury rights at MetroCentre”  putting his company’s name on luxury seating

Source: Rockford Register Star 10/11/2007

“Raptors sign 2 players and coaches”  ownership group includes former IceHogs owner, Dr. Kris Tumilowicz

Source: Rockford Register Star 11/20/2007

Dental Dimensions
“Movin’ on Up” Rockford IceHogs” the “hockey dentist” “Dr. T” sizes up this season’s roster

Source: Northwest Quarterly Magazine, Winter 2006/2007

“IceHogs Unveil Jersey for Auction”

Source: Rockford Register Star 3/19/2008

Jan 25, 2007, Winnebago County Board clears the way for intergovernmental agreement. Majority partner of the Icehogs, Dr. Kris Tumilowicz, sign letter of intent for sale of the team

Source: Rockford Register Star 7/11/2008

Pro-Am Pairings: Paul Gow, Patrick Bachrodt, Jeff Johnson,  Kevin Brieson, Kris Tumilowicz

Source: Rockford Register Star 7/13/2008

“IceHogs President to step down”  former team owners, Dr. Kris Tumilowicz and Craig Drektrah

Source: Rockford Register Star 8/21/2008

they Get By With a little help from their Corporate Sponsors” MetroCentre-Lounge naming rights

Source: Rockford Register Star 9/22/2008

“Groups give the gift of wrapping presents” We actually give CherryVale Mall $10,000 for seed money

Source: Rockford Register Star 12/5/2008

Dental Dimensions

Dr. Kris Tumilowicz

Source: Northwest Quarterly Magazine Spring 2009

“Time to Get Ritzy – Tickets for the annual Senior Follies music revue, set for Wednesday, are $10”

Source: Rockford Register Star 5/18/2009

“Senior Follies Inspiring” celebrity performer

Source: Rockford Register Star 5/23/2009

“Pro-Am Pairings”

Source: Rockford Register Star 7/12/2009, Rockford Register Star 7/13/2009, Rockford Register Star 7/14/2009

“Rockford Pro-Am” pro Jason Bohn, Nate Jolliff, Jason Aguayo, Kris Tumilowizc, Tim Knauf

Source: Rockford Register Star 7/14/2009

“Name that Nazi Movie”  Kris Tumiliwicz loves old war movies and is looking for the one….

Source: Rockford Register Star 12/19/2009

Carole J. (Carlini) Sanders, obituary, her sister Patti (Kris) Tumilowicz

Source: Rockford Register Star 3/7/2010

2010 Heart of Rockford Award Nominee

Source: Rockford Register Star 3/15/2010

Dr. Kris Tumilowicz

“Advancements in Dentistry Making Life Easier”  Dentistry is playing an ever-larger role in cosmetic makeovers, with patients of all ages.  People want to look good and feel good about themselves. We do smile makeovers…invisalign braces are clear, metal-free retainers. Porcelain veneer crowns are a highly popular way to enhance a person’s appearance.

Dr. Kris Tumilowicz

Source: Northwest Quarterly Magazine Summer 2010 pp 184-187

“Pairings” Hole #4: Stacy Lewis, Bob Farrell, Mike Abrahams, John Wihlborg, Kris Tumilowicz

Source: Rockford Register Star 7/11/2010

“Settling for a Course Record – Three Putt Bogey keeps Pro-Am champ Quigley from setting a new…”

Source: Rockford Register Star 7/11/2010

Senior Follies

Lifescape Community Services “Senior Follies”

Source: Rockford Register Star 5/13/2010











Tumilowicz, Dr. Kris

pp 164 – 167, 5 photographs;

“Ringmaster of His Own Life,” by Paul Anthony Arco, staff writer

Wife: Patti

Three Children: Nick, a solar panel engineer

Mike, an architect

Danielle, a journalism student at DePaul University

Younger brother: Stan

Parents: Miroslaw (Mike) and Danuta Tumilowicz.

Dental Dimensions

Rockford IceHogs

Source: Northwest Quarterly, Spring 2012

Harlem Blvd., 1953/1955

Harlem Blvd., 1953 1955

1955 Harlem Blvd., “The Blue House” remodeled by Kris and Patti Tumilowicz (“Dr. T.”), from Rockford Register Star Feb. 16, 1986

“The wholly remodeled Harlem Boulevard home Kris and Patti Tumilowicz will move into this Spring cost M. Raymond Shumway less than $25,000 to build in 1919-1920.”

“By the time tall, athletic dentist Tumilowicz and his petite, brown-eyed wife move in, they will have invested well over ten times that amount in the property.”

“Patti was born in Florida and raised in Rockford, while Kris is a native of England, born of Polish circus-performer parents.”

“The Harlem Boulevard house no longer looks as it did in the first 60-odd years of its life.  It was a shingled Cape Cod-style house, not large considering its deep riverbank lot. :

The realty firm of Ernie Hunter is doing the remodel.

“The roof has an enameled steel in a startling blue color Hunter helped Kris and Patti name “Billionaire Blue.”

Source: Rockford Register Star February 16, 1986

Harlem Blvd., 1952-55 - 2

Remodel includes addition to garage for boat/trailer, atrium, pond, fireplace, tub spa, large shower equipped with steam jets, room for parking for Kris’ 911 Porsche and Patti’s white Cadillac Seville.

“The house number was changed from 1955 to 1953 because that’s the year Kris was born. “We had the leeway because of the way the numbering system goes in that area,” Kris said, “and so we just changed it to something more significant to us.”

Harlem Blvd., 1953 google

Souce of photo of remodel: Http://maps.google.com , 2011