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Source: Morning Star    November 5, 1953   p.3

Oaklawn Ave., 2104 – Johnson and Peterson architects

Oaklawn 2014 Petrson & J

Source of photo:  Jeff Aulik, 2015

Building permit issued 3-13-1925.

House built 1925; architects: Peterson and Johnson  Oaklawn is First north of Rural from Paris Ave. East  There were no houses on Oaklawn in 1924.

In 1923, Ellis J. Hassell retired from his business at 411-413 Seventh St., which he leased to Carl T. Anderson of Racine.  {Rockford Daily Register-Gazette Dec 14, 1923] Ellis put his house at 1825 East State St., corner of Highland and State, up for sale with Knapp, Barnes and Co. Realtors. [Rockford Republic June 12, 1923] His plan was to move to California and enjoy retirement. He died at the age of 66 in the home of his daughter, Mrs. Evans Anderson, 120 Regan St. following an illness due to a nervous collapse. He was born in Sweden in 1858.  The widow and four children survived: Mrs. Alice Anderson, Miss Marguerite Hassell, Mr. Ralph Hassell, Rockford, and Bert P.J. Hassell, Grand Rapids, Mich. Interment in Scandinavian Cemetery.

Ralph E. Hassell recently moved here from California and joined the sales force of Williamson Motor Co. He married Naomi Peterson of Fort Dodge, IA in Chicago, March 31. [Rockford Daily Register-Gazette, June 18, 1924]

The 1925 McCoy’s Rockford City Directory lists Mrs. E. K. Hassell (widow of Ellis J. Hassell) and Ralph E. Hassel, wife Naomi, sales A.C. Price Co. and Evans A. Anderson (wife Alice) city treasurer, cashier Security National Bank and secretary Security First Mortgage Co. as living in the house.

The 1927 McCoy’s Rockford City Directory lists Mrs. E. K. Hassell (widow of Ellis J Hassell), Ralph E. Hassell, wife Naomi, sales A. C. Price Co.  [no listing for Evans A. Anderson] 2104 Oaklawn Ave.

The 1928 and 1929, 1930, 1932, 1933 McCoy’s Rockford City Directory lists Mrs. E. K. Hassell, Evans A. Anderson and wife Alice. His jobs stayed the same; Alice worked at Hassel’s ladies ready-to-wear at 413 7th St. and James C. Martin and wife Margaret, dentists at 1108 Talcott Building residing at 2104 Oaklawn Ave.   Ralph and Naomi moved to 2020 Jackson St.. He was employed in sales at Roy Herrington.

[Mrs. Elizabeth K Hassell did not die in Winnebago County, IL]

In thye Depression years, the house was a rental, to:

1934 Chester A. Bland and wife Anna W., dept. mgr. Weise & Co., res. 2104 Oaklawn   Source: McCoy’s Rockford City Directory  In charge of the economy basement at Weise’s, formerly at Weiboldt’s and at The Boston Store. Source: Rockford Register-Republic August 20, 1934.  Rockford’s state titleholder in golf, 1935, in individual play. Rockford Morning Star , May 7, 1935.

1935:  Robert G Gracey , wife Bernadine, works Ingersoll Milling Machine Co., res 2104 Oaklawn Source: McCoy’s Rockford City Directory  Mrs. Robert G Gracey, reinstated in Rockford Women’s Club, Rockford Register-Republic Nov. 11, 1935

1936 – 1937:  Major George S Clarke. wife Mildred, res 2104 Oaklawn Source: McCoy’s Rockford City Directory

Clarke Major George S. Clarke, who has been appointed instructor for the army organized reserve corps in this sector.  Major and Mrs. Clarke will arrive in New York on August 4 and after several days there, will leave for Rockford. They are now at Redding, Cal., where Major Clarke is in command of the Redding district civilian conservation Corps.   Rockford Register-Republic June 22, 1936.

And more, of course.


Exterior walls are stucco, the style is Colonial.

In Feb 1988,  the house sold for $115,000. by David Timmersman III and Diane Timmersman to Roland Secoy and Jo Ann Johnson.

In July 1993, the house sold for $157,500. to Bradley and Susan Oltmanns.

In May 1994. the house sold for $180,000. to Bank One.

In  Oct. 1994 a Building Permit was taken out to build a deck.

Lewis Martin bought the house in 2001, $205,000.