“New ‘angle’ design saves Centre $500,000” – July 28, 1978

Rockford Morning Star 7/28/1978

McGaw: Metro Centre in Jeopardy – June 1978

Source:  Rockford Morning Star 6/21/1978

“Stalled bond sales delay Metro Centre; Lawsuit filed” – May 1978, April 1978

Source: Rockford Morning Star 5/17/1978

Source:  Rockford Morning Star 4/11/1978

“Metro Centre trouble may loom” and “County tax on hotels, motels…” Feb 1978

Source:  Rockford Register-Republic 2/2/1978 and Rockford Morning Star 2/4/1978 and in Rockfordiana: Municipal Centers – 2, p 8


See also applications and costs during home rule re: Metro Centre

“Metro Centre’s team begins eastern blitz” – Jan. 1978

Source:  Star 1/30/1978, by Tom Schafer


“State OKs Metro Centre” – R Morning Star 1/6/1978

Source: Rockford Morning Star 1/6/1978 and also Rockfordiana: Municipal Centers – 2, pages 3 and 4

“Metro Centre sees first-year deficit” – 1980

Metro Centre

Source:  Rockford Register-Republic July 4, 1980

MetroCentre-Mayflower Pact – 1984

MetroCentre-Mayflower - 1

MetroCentre-Mayflower - 2

Source: Rockford Register Star June 20, 1984


MetroCentre-Mayflower 3

“Restaurateurs protest Logan’s downtown plan”  from Rockford register Star June 23, 1984

“Disgruntled restaurateurs told MetroCentre general Manager Douglas Logan Friday that a new downtown restaurant will take money from their pockets and wipe out as many jobs as it creates.”

“Local restaurateurs are complaining because The Mayflower was chosen without a competitive bidding process.  They say Salamone will have the unfair advantage of support from public funds.”   “If a restaurant fails, the 7,000 suare first floor space could become parking space.”

Source: Rockford Register Star June 23, 1984