Federal Court House 2011

Source:  The Rock River Times  Nov 2-8, 2011   Vol. 19    No. 2

Joe Marino, statue – 7/5/2010


Source: Rockford Register Star 7/5/2010

formerly known as Waterside Park was renamed Joe Marino Park, July 4, 2010

Organized Independence Day  Celebrations for 47 years

The statue was sculpted by David Seagraves and paid for by Friends of Joe Marino










“Strolly moly!” – “Stroll on State” 2017

Source: Rockford Register-Star. Dec. 14. 2017; article by Rebecca Rose

Source for numbers: Rockford Area Convention and Visitors Bureau


Ingersoll Building – Larson and Darby

Ingersoll Bldg

Ingersoll Bldg - 3

Source:  Rock River Times Feb. 13-19, 2013, Vol. 20, No. 17

Downtown Rockford, 1940’s – B & W footage

Tall building in center of opening screen is the Rockford Register Star building. The following buildings are also in the video: Standard Service Station (possibly Bliss Standard at 201 N. Church St.), the Faust Hotel, the Carnegie Rockford Public Library with Dome (1.46 on the film timer), Ziozk/Amerock Building, Brown Building, Gas and Electric Building, Hotel Nelson.