Main St., No., 841

Main St., North, 841 - 1

[Cars are parked with Skyrise Apts., immediately south of the house at 841 No. Main St.]

Main St., North, 841 - 2

Photographs: Jan Carter, Aug. 2011

Main St., No., 841 - 3

George O. Forbes, wife Elizabeth, president Rockford Metal Specialty Co., treasurer Rockford Malleable Iron Co., and 3rd vice-president W. F. and John Barnes Co., resided there 1905-1920. In 1921 their son Duncan Forbes and his wife became the owners.  Same architect as University Club at 945 No. Main, then owned by Harry F. Forbes, who was living there by 1898. Source: City Directories

E. P. Gannon, manager of Midwest Fixture Co., was living there 935-1940 (perhaps longer?)  Source: City Directories

Residents 1945-2010: Leroy and Ellen Hill.  Leroy was affiliated with Air Associates Inc., air plane sales, 1928-1941. Source: Wichita State University.

Double Garage but no apparent access. No dock or boathouse. (2011)



Main St., No., 945 and 955

U Club

The home on the photo right is at 945 No. Main St. and belonged to the Forbes family (Harry then Duncan Forbes) before becoming University Club.

The house at photo left at one time housed the Sherratt’s, and from 1903 – 1914, when the photo was taken, belong to John V. Petritz, president of Rockford Brewing Co.

Source:  photo, from Rockford Public Library’s Collection of Photographs.  Text: from Rockford City Directories.