Main St., North, 309

Farr, Miss Sarah, dressmaker, bds. 309 N. Main

Reynolds, Kenyon, retired, res. 309 N. Main

Source: 1889 – 1890 Rockford City Directory

Rooms; Miss E.L. and Miss Mary Woodruff

Source: 1894 – 1895 Rockford City Directory

Gustin Bros.

Source: Rockford Morning Star 7/8/1910

Loewi and Co.

Source: 1973 Rockford City Directory

Loewi & Co.

Source: Rockford Register Star 5/19/1973




Rockford Plow Co. – 1891

Rockford Plow Company.  The present company was incorporated in 1883, with a capital of $125,000.  The officers are E. L. Woodruff, President; B.A. Knight, Vice-President; T.M. Carpenter, Secretary and Treasurer. The company’s plant is located on Mill Street, on the water power, and includes a main building built of stone , 50×140 feet in size, and four stories high. There are six other buildings for warehouses and finishing purposes.  The company employs an average of seventy-five men, and does an annual business of $200,000.  Their pay-roll averages $30,000, and they manufacture plows, planters, cultivators, seeders and other agricultural implements.

Source: “Industrial and Picturesque Rockford,” by Eugene Browne and F. Ford Rowe, 1891.

Jones, Woodruff & Co. – 1891

Jones, Woodruff & Co. The manufacture of pumps, windmills and electric fire alarms is carried on at 117 and 119 South Court St., and was established in 1874.  A capital of $25,000 is invested in the business, and an average of fifteen hands are employed.  The business transacted will aggregate $40,000, with an annual pay-roll of $6,000. The buildings occupied are of frame, one 22 x 70 feet, two stories, and the other, 22 x 50 feet, one story high.

Source: “Industrial and Picturesque Rockford,” by Eugene Browne and F. Ford Rowe, 1891


Jones, Woodruff and Co., (Samuel N. Jones, E. L. Woodruff, and Watson T. Pierpont, owners) (Rockford Construction Co.) Manufacturers of the I.X.L. wind engines and iron pumps. Steam, hot water and gas fitting. Telephone No. 165. Office 117-19 So. Court St.

Source: Philippi’s 192 Rockford City Directory

Forest City Electric Light and Power Co.

Forest City Electric Light and Power Co., E. L. Woodruff, pres’t; Ralph Emerson, vice-pres’t; M.A. Beal, sec’y and treas; Office 118 and 120 S. Main st.

Source: Philippi’s Rockford City Directory 1894-95

Altered in 1899:  Office: 105 West State St.

Source: Philippi’s 1899 Rockford City Directory