Main St., South, 122

C.M. Brazee

Source: 1872-1873 Rockford City Directory p.16 in front

S. Winthrow Dry Goods

Source: 1887-1888 Rockford City Directory

L.L. Morrison

Source: Rockford Morning Star 8/24/1888

Chamberlain, G.N., cook J.E. Sullivan, rooms 122 S. Main

Dowling, Edward, architect, plans and specifications furnished at reasonable prices; Office, res. 309 N. Second St.

Morrison, L.L., attorney at law, patent solicitor and police magistrate, 122 S. Main, res. 120 N. 2nd.

Avery Building Moving Co.

Withrow-Baird Co. (S. Withrow and J.N. Baird) Dry Goods, carpets and Notions. 122 S. Main

Source: 1889-1890 Rockford City Directory

Dunn & Co. dry goods and drugs; F.E. Carpenter, architect; J.C. Golden inspector; D.L. Hughes B.W. Norton, lawyer and justice of the Peace

Source: 1905 Rockford City Directory

C.W. Edwards Co. dry goods, ladies furnishing goods, furs, notions, etc., Meehan Drug Co., Carpenter and St. John, lawyers, B.W. Norton, lawyer and justice of the peace

Edwards Co.

Edwards Co. 2

Source: 1911 Rockford City Directory (adds from pg. 122)

E.M. St. John, lawyer; F.A. Ticknor, pres. West End Furniture Co. and lawyer

Carpenter & St. John, lawyers, Winnebago National Bank Building


E.M. St. John, lawyer; F.A. Ticknor, pres. West End Furniture Co. and lawyer

Source: 1921 Rockford City Directory

J.H. Sabin, civil engineer,  F.A. Ticknor, pres. West End Furniture Co. and lawyer

Source: 1926 Rockford City Directory







Beefsteak Club

“Beefsteak Club Plans For Dinner – Two outings a month decided on – Ladies as guests”

“Annual party – January 19th – Entertainment committee appointed – Officers re-elected at business session – Ladies arrange for dinner.”

The annual meeting of the Beefsteak Club was held with President W. F. Barnes at his home on North Main Street last night

The club will have two outings a month this season and both will be ladies nights

The Beefsteak Club is the oldest of the outings clubs, being formed about 20 years ago.  (ie about 1890)

Original members of the club have reached an age when indulgence in a baseball game every Wednesday during the summer is too strenuous, reduced to second and fourth Wednesday

Members would not hear of abandoning the club as too strong a bond of fellowship has been wielded by twenty years of association

32 members enjoyed dinner at the Barnes home last night.  Dinner was laid in the Billiards Room

Dinner was followed by a smoker and the business session

Re-elections:  William F. Barnes, President; Chandler Starr, Vice President; E. M. St. John, Secretary; and Dr. Sanford Catlin, Treasurer

Wednesday evening, January 19th was selected for the mid-winter picnic at Unity Hall, at the corner of North Main and Mulberry

While the men were dining at the Barnes home, their wives were dining at the Thadwa (University Club)

Mrs. E. E. Bartlett was chosen Chairman of the supper committee


Source:  Rockford Morning Star, 01/06/1910