Plague Toll Continues Heavy Within City October 11, 1918

Source: Rockford Morning Star   October 11, 1918

Burson Knitting Co. – 1892

Burson Knitting

Source The Morning Star Dec. 15, 1892

Burson Knitting - 2

Emerson-Brantingham Company

Emerson-Brantingham Company

175 acres at the south end of Independence Avenue

Ralph Emerson, President

E. P. Lathrop, Vice President

C. S. Brantingham, Secretary and Treasurer

(Two illustrations on pages 52 and 53)


Source:  “Rockford 1912”,  1912, R917.7331, R2682r,  Rockford Public Library Local History Collection

Emerson-Brantingham Implement Co. 1917

E-B Line “The E-B Line of Farm Machinery is built of the very best material obtainable —by experience workmen—-in the most modern, completely equipped implement factory in the world.” Established 1852.  Source: page 7, 1917 McCoy’s Rockford City Directory Emerson-Brantingham Co., C S Brantingham president, E P Lathrop 1st vice-president, Fred Glover 2nd vice-president, J W McLachlan secretary and treasurer, manufacturers of agricultural implements, (factory located at) south end of Independence av.  Source: p 264, 1917 McCoy’s Rockford City Directory