Ekstrom, Carlson, since 1904 – 1968

Ekstrom Carlson

Source:  Guilford High School 1968 Valhalla Yearbook

Elstrom-Carlson Co., Harold E. Nelson Pres-Treas, Clarence M. Theien Executive Vice-Pres, Willard P. Anderson Sec-Treas., Machine and Tool Manufacturers, 1300-1400 Railroad Ave., Source: 1968 Polk’s Rockford City Directory

Rockford Industrial Athletic Association – 1947

Rockford Industrial Athletic Association

1947 Nylint Toy: Eastman

1947 Ekstrom-Carlson:  E. Johnson

1947 Ebaloy: Manali and Pauletta

1947 Rockford Drop Forge: Nelson

1947 Sundstrand: Pirello

1947 Mechanics: Lee

1947 National Lock: Anderson and Nygren

1947 Rockford Machine Tool: Downing and Kneller

1947 Free Sewing: Anastasi, Dechaine


Source: Rockford Morning Star, 07/23/1947