Rockford Civic Newcomers Club – Jan 1971 Tour of Homes


Source: Rockford Register Star, Sunday January 31, 1971





Spring Creek Rd., 2912 – Barloga, Geddes

Geddes - 3

Source: Rockford Morning Star May 22, 1966

Geddes - 1

Source: Rockford Morning Star May 22, 1966

Geddes - 4

Geddes - 5

Source: Rockford Morning Star May 22, 1966

Geddes - 6

Source: Rockford Morning Star May 22, 1966  Photos by James Quinn

Geddes - 7

Geddes - 8

Source:  Rockford Morning Star May 22, 1966

Geddes - 9













Sheridan St., 149 – Frank A. Carpenter architect

Sheridan St.-Carpenter article

Source:  The Rockford Morning Star, Nov. 6, 1910

Sheridan St., 149, from Harlem

View from Harlem Blvd. side.  Photo, Jan Carter 6/15/15.

The house was designed by Frank A. Carpenter, as a wedding gift to his bride, Flora C. Carpenter.  They lived in the house, and also her mother for the first few years, and a servant, Ruth Webenstad, from 1910 – 1934, when they moved to 1608 Harlem Blvd., and sold this house at 149 Sheridan St, to Dr. James V. Beynan and his wife Effay L.. Dr. Beynon was a physician and surgeon.

We know from Flora Carpenter’s obituary, Rockford Register-Republic 1941, that they were living at 749 John St. at the time of her heart attack at Rockford hospital, age 62.  She was a graduate of Rockford High School and Illinois State University at Normal.  She taught at Lincoln School and other Rockford schools.

The Carpenters married in 1908 in Minneapolis, and had one daughter, Louise, who late became Mrs. George Taylor, who had a daughter.

Flora Carpenter was cremated; McAllister-Julian Funeral Home.

Sheridan St.  2

View from Sheridan St., photo, Jan Carter, 6/15/15.  The Frieze is a horse pulled cart, perhaps in cement, below the second story window, or above the door and to photo right.

It is a three story house; the third story is the master bedroom and open porch/loggia over the center of the house.  It was not unusual to construct a house in this way, which then had more breeze “air-conditioning” in the hot summer months.

Dr. James and Mrs. Effay Beynon resided in the house 1935 – 1947, when it was sold to Francis and Catherine Z Gaffney, who lived there until at least 1965, when the newspaper article below was written and published.

Sheridan tour

Source, article Above: The Rockford Morning Star Feb. 7, 1965   Mrs. Gaffney is shown sitting by the fireplace in the large master bedroom, center, left side of paper.  The living room also has a fireplace.  Another frieze is above the living room fireplace.  The basement also has 7 separate rooms.

Sheridan - 1

Source of photo: Jan Carter, 6/15/15.