2220 Harlem Blvd. – built 1927, Eliel and Eliel, architects

2220 Harlem Blvd.

Source of photo:  Jeff Aulik, 2016

House built in 1927 for realtor/land developer E. C. Stokberger.  Prior to 1927, Harlem (Amusement) Park was on the property, both sides of Harlem north of Auburn St.   Architects Eliel and Eliel.

In 1926, a last ditch attempt was made to find a private investor to buy the park and give it to Rockford Park District after they turned down the purchase. The Golf Course belonged to Rockford Country Club, which was described as a Park.

Harlem Park 1926

Source:  Rockford Daily Republic May 12, 1926