“Community Chest Organized in 1919” – 1962 article

Source:  Rockford Morning Star and Rockford Register-Republic “Century Plus 10” Special Edition, March 1962

Rockford Civic Newcomers – April 1971

Source: Rockford Civic Newcomers Club 1971 scrapbooks.  Event is the transferring from Old Board to a New Board and Spring Dinner Dance.

1937 Clubs in City Directory listing

Source: 1937 McCoy’s Rockford City Directory, pages 841 and 842

Loraine Nott to Wed Lt. Charles Brodine – 1943


Source:  Rockford Register-Republic May 18, 1943

Photograph donated by Jef Benedetti

Ziock, William, Jr.

William Ziock Jr.

Source: Rockford Register Republic 2/11/1957 & 2/12/1957

“A 1946 Interview with William H. Ziock, Jr.” by Hazel M. Hyde.  President of Ziock Industries 1905 – (1946) interview was followed by a trip through the plant at 418 So Wyman St. Mr. W.H. Ziock Sr. had a woolen mill that furnished yarn for Rockford Mitten Co. the woolen mill was in St. Charles, Missouri the 2 companies merged in 1855, Ziock and crew came to Rockford name was changed to Rockford Mitten and Hosiery in 1885 W.H. Ziock, Sr became president of Rockford Mitten and Hosiery. W H Ziock Jr. became president after his father died in 1905. Organized Ziock Industries somewhat later. Founded B-Z-B Knitting in 1910. Founded B-Z-B Knitting in 1910. Ziock Paper Box Co. and King Co. were both located at 417 S Wyman St. Jr was also responsible for the construction of William Ziock Building. William Jr. was born Nov 1863 in St Louis to Elizabeth & William Ziock. He married Lulu Mackwitz in St Louis, 4 children. Junior’s patent was granted in Canada (#287326) At the time of dissolution there were 3 subsidiaries: Beloit Hosiery (Seneca Falls, NY), Tenn-Rock Hosiery (McMinnville, TN) and Manchester Mills (Machester, TN)

Source:  “A 1946 Interview with William H. Ziock, Jr.”  Nuggets of History Nov.-Dec 1968 & www.ziock.org

Welsh, Judge R.K.

“Father of R.K. Welsh Dead”  Thomas Welsh of Waukesha, WI died this morning of old age. A native of Scotland, he came to America 1841 and settled near Waukesha.

Source: Rockford Republic 5/20/1911

“..fixes sentences of ten culprits”

Source: Rockford Morning Star 10/19/1919

Judge Welsh

Source: Rockford Morning Star 1/1/1922

Hon. Robert Kaye Welsh

Hon. Robert Kaye Welsh 2

Source: Rockfordiana  Lawyers M – Z

Robert K. Welsh

Source: Rockfordiana Lawyers M – Z

Robert K. Welsh

Source: Rockfordiana Lawyers M – Z

Robert K. Welsh

Source: Rockfordiana Lawyers M-Z

Robert K. Welsh