1206 Harlem Boulevard

1206 Harlem Boulevard

Residence of Forest A. Lyddon and wife, Elva Lyddon

Superintendent of Buildings, Department of Education

Also residence of Andrew B. Ellis and wife, Velma M. Ellis

District Manager at Enos Coal Mining Company


Source:  1933-40 Rockford City Directories

Colonel Edward F. W. Ellis

Colonel Edward F. W. Ellis

Moved to Rockford in 1855

Married Ann Dobbyns, a Kentucky girl

Four daughters, including Blanche Ellis Starr

In 1850 was in California, in the 1st Legislature

His bank was Spafford, Clark and Ellis

He lived at West State Street, just west of Avon Street

Origin of Ellis Rifles for Illinois’ 15th Regiment

Killed in action at Shiloh


Source:  “Nuggets of History”, Nov/Dec 1969; in Rockfordiana Files, “Historic Houses and Landmarks – 3”, page 6