Rutledge, Andrew

“Andrew Rutledge Passed Away” last surviving member of Ellsworth Zouaves, Pioneer Command. Early resident of Rockford, died yesterday at home at 808 N. Church St. Coming to Rockford 60 years ago, born in England May 4, 1836 and in 1851, he came to Rockford. He worked as  a carpenter, then worked at Reaper Works, then Emerson, then Manny and Graham & Co. Married Miss Maggie J. Ryan, Sept. 10, 1860. Survived by his wife and 4 children (listed in article.)

Source: Rockford Republic 5/9/1911

Rockford High School, 1937 – Daubers Club

Daubers Club

Source Rockford High School 1937 Annual

510 Indian Terrace

510 Indian Terrace

1947 article about historic home, 100 years after it was built by Goodyear Asa Sanford in 1847

Owners, Ralph and Mary Louise Hinchcliff have restored it

Has ornamental stonework which fell from Winnebago County Courthouse in 1877 which came from the home of Ralph Emerson, Mr. Hinchcliff’s grandfather

The stained glass windows also came from Mr. Emerson’s home on Church Street

In conservatory, there is a frieze of lobsters and frogs from the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair (World’s Columbian Exposition)

The home has stained glass windows from the Second Congregational Church that burned down, and also ones from the former Christian Union Church at North Main and Mulberry streets

There is a “Sambo” hitching post from the Christian Union Church

Contains photo of Mr. and Mrs. Hinchcliff at the main entrance

Contains photo of Mr. Hinchcliff by ornamental stonework with Indian Mound in foreground

Contains photo of south side of house with restored cupola and ornamental ironwork

Contains photo of college student in conservatory in front of wall of ivy in Hinchcliff home

Contains photo of two college students before fire in home’s country kitchen

(The article was published in 1947; the historic home was demolished in 1951 and an apartment building for the elderly was erected on the site in 1968)


Source:  Rockford Morning Star, 06/08/1947

Emerson-Brantingham Company

Emerson-Brantingham Company

175 acres at the south end of Independence Avenue

Ralph Emerson, President

E. P. Lathrop, Vice President

C. S. Brantingham, Secretary and Treasurer

(Two illustrations on pages 52 and 53)


Source:  “Rockford 1912”,  1912, R917.7331, R2682r,  Rockford Public Library Local History Collection