Swedish Historical Society – 1977

Historical Society

Source:  Rockford Register-Republic Nov. 1, 1977

Testor, Nils – death article, 1967

Testor obit 2

Illinois Historic Landmarks Survey

Illinois Historic Landmarks Survey

40+ sites in the Rockford Area

Photos of Erlander Home, Memorial Hall, Herrick-Logli House

Also on the list: Spafford-Whitlock house and Lake-Peterson House


Source:  Rockford Public Library’s Rockfordiana Files, “Historic Houses and Landmarks, Vol. 3”, page 43, and Rockford Morning Star, 12/23/1974

Erlander Home Museum

John Erlander

Erlander Home Museum-

Lived at his home at 404 South 3rd Street for 75 years

Came to Rockford in 1854

One of the first Swedish settlers in Rockford

Some of his furniture came from Sweden; some was among the first pieces built in Rockford

Writing desk / bureau made 1856 of native Cherry wood

Also from 1856: a 38 inch tabletop made by C. J. Lindholm

Blinds, doors, stair railings, posts and spindles made by A. C. Johnson, John Nelson, and Gust Hollem

Kitchen cupboards bought at auction; made by John Nelson

An additional room, now the kitchen, is the only room added to the original building

John Erlander’s first home in Rockford was a shanty on 300 block of South 2nd Street

He later moved to the 400 block of Grove Street  (End house on North 1st Street next to Parsonage)

Third house was on South Third Street, built in 1871




Source:  Rockford Public Library’s “Rockfordiana” files, “Historic Houses and Landmarks – Vol. 1”,  Rockford Morning Star,  09/26/1946