American Manufactured Furniture, with Rockford furniture companies listed

Source: American Manufactured Furniture, 1988.

“Several Changes in Market Arrangements” – Dec. 1927, Rockford Furniture Herald

Source: The Rockford Furniture Herald, December 1927, Pages 3 and 4

Excel Manufacturing Co., ad – June 1915

Source:  The Furniture Worker, June 1915

Excel Mfg Co., A P Floberg pres; Al Carlson, v-pres and spt; J A Carlstrom, sec and treas, furniture mnfrs, Seminary near Illinois Central tracks    Source: 1915 McCoy’s Rockford City Directory

“Visits Rockford Factories” – March 1927

Source: Rockford Furniture Herald, March 1927, page 7

Excel Manufacturing Co., ad (furniture) – August 1926

Source: the Rockford Furniture Herald, August 1926, page 20

Excel Manufacturing Co., A P Floberg president; Al Carlson v-pres; J A Carlstrom sec-treas; furniture manufacturers 1107 Seminary St.  Source:  McCoy’s Rockford City Directory for 1926

Excel Manufacturing Co., ad – July 1926

Source:  Rockford Furniture Herald, July 1926

Excel Manufacturing Co., A P Floberg, president; Al Carlson, v-president and superintendent; J A Carlstrom, sec-treas; furniture mfrs; 1107 Seminary St.   Source:  McCoy’s Rockford City Directory for 1926

“Rockford Exhibits Rich in Color” – July 1926

Source: Rockford Furniture Herald, July 1926, Vol. 2, No. 8           Page 3 above

Page 4, above

Page 6, above

Page 8, above




Page 9, above


“Colorful Displays to Feature Markets” – June 1926

Source:  The Rockford Furniture Herald, June 1926