Independent Order of Good Templars

Independent Order of Good Templars

Temperance Society

Excelsior Lodge #709, IOGT, located in South Rockford

Meals every Tuesday in Excelsior Hall

This lodge organized January 16, 1866 in Engine Hall

In 1867, a hall of their own was built on Main Street between Kent and Morgan

It was a two story building, 70′ x 30′, with the lower story finished for a store and the upper story for a hall

“Many have been claimed from inebriety, and have been taught lessons of temperance”


Source:  Page 27, 1872-73 Rockford City Directory

Good Templars

Good Templars, Excelsior Lodge, No. 709, was organized January 16, 1866. About 100 hundred now belong to the Lodge, and others are being added from time to time. Meetings are held every Tuesday evening in their hall, Main street between Kent and Morgan, South Rockford. Principal officers, S. Lane, W.C.T.; Mrs. Mary Barnes, W.V., Mrs. P.P. Jones, R.S.

Source: Brainerd’s Rockford City Directory for 1876, p 29