Veterans Who Have Passed–Gerald Thomas “Phineas” Lamia

Rockford Register Star, June 9, 2022.

Keokuk – ca. 1819

a Sauk chief

portrait, page 87, Illinois Villages of the Indian Country Historic Tribes by Temple

in 1820, Keokuk was a war chief; their main village was on a point where the Rock River flowed into the Mississippi River.

It was estimated at that time, that the Sauk and Fox nations combined were 5,000 people, of whom 800 were warriors.

In 1830, Stabbing Chief and Keokuk returned to Rock Island; they informed William Clark that the Sauk would be willing to see their land.

The Sauk showed no signs of leaving the Rock River,

The Black Hawk War began.

As a result of the Black Hawk War, the Sauk and Fox were forced out of Illinois.

Source:  Indian Villages of the Illinois Country Historic Tribes by Temple   R970.1 T24

Apple River Fort

Apple River Fort

311 E. Myrtle Street, Elizabeth, IL


Built in 1852 to defend against Chief Black Hawk and his army of Sauk and Fox

When Black Hawk and about 200 men attacked on June 24, 1852 about 45 settlers at the Fort

This was the Fort’s first and last action.   The Fort was rebuilt in 1996


Source:  Northwest Quarterly Magazine, Summer 2010, Page 29