Superior Sleeprite “Firm Sells to Free Sewing” – 1949

Source:  Rockford Morning Star Sept. 2, 1949

Free Sewing Machine, Landstrom Furniture Co. – 1928 map

The addresses:  Free Sewing Machine Co., William Free, pres., a division of Consolidated Industries, Inc., 1731 – 18th Avenue.  Landstrom Furniture Co., Oscar E. Landstrom, president, 11th St. corner 18th Ave.

All photos are from the 1928 Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps. The maps are drawn for use by the Rockford Fire Departmant, primarily, and by realtors, city planners, etc.  Free Sewing Machine is shown in pink, and Landstrom in yellow.  Both factories had multiple buildings.

Free - 1

Free sewing is at the top on the map. Illinois Central Railroad Tracks run between the 2 companies.  Landstrom is in yellow. Free has the steel stock room at bottom left, the screw and punch room at upper left, the machine shop in upper center, tool room and assembly in upper right, office in lower right.  Landstrom has wood working, cabinet work throughout.

Free - 2

The rust-orange colored building at bottom are the steam kilns for the wood, the middle pink building at the bottom is the lumber storage “shed,” and next to the right, a Landstron factory building for making posts, etc. The pink square building, middle right, is for grinding and tumbling.  The yellow buildings at bottom right are storage buildings, the one on the left says Flask Storage.

Free - 3

Enlargement of Free Sewing Machine, top photo.

Free - 5

Free - 6

Free - 7




Baseball, Local – 1913

On Park Playgrounds

Source: Rockford Republic May 15, 1913


National Ave., 1530

Photo source:  April 2013

National Ave., 1530 - 1

National Ave., 1530 - 2  April 2013

Occupied by H.H. Swingely, 1919-1928, Source: “National Ave.; Early history, history of Camp Fuller, prominent residents” 19 pages

1929 to 1940:  Mrs. C.W. Westcott [Clara M. Westcott], 1530 National Ave. ( No listing in surname index; rest of Westcotts living on Garfield Ave. during that time period)  Westcott teaRockford Morning Star 12/1/1929

In 1937 Clara Westcott was playing the piano at Women’s Club Meetings, Rockford Register Republic, April 14, 1937

By 1945 Mrs. Wescott/Westcott is living in Boulder, Colorado    Ancestry Database lists a Wescott as b. 1883  d. 1976. Same? 1930 Federal Census, she’s living with 2 daughters and a servant, and has $30,000. [Inflation calculator says the equivalent in 2014 = $420,313.67)  Her husband was the Deputy Secretary of Wyoming when they married. She came into money from her side of relatives, Dallas Morning News “Creates $5,000,000 Fund for Relatives” , 6/29/1924.

Wescott photo   Clara was hostess at D.A.R. Tea and her children. (McClymonds photo) Rockford Republic Oct. 25, 1929.  Husband died in Cheyenne, Wyoming in 1924.

1941: Vacant

1942-1944:  Morley M. Kasler (Doris) Vice-President,  Free Sewing Machines. 1530 National Ave.

1945-1967:  Charles H. Davis (Ruth) attorney, (co-owner Thomas and Davis Law Firm)  1530 National Ave.

National Ave., 1530 - 3

photo source:  April 2013

National Ave., 1530 - 4

1968  –  “No return”

1969 – 1990:  George F. Weickert, Jr (Mary Lou) Mechanical Engineer, Sundstrand Aviation, res 1530 National Ave.

1994-1996:  Patrick and Michelle Condon. Patrick employed by First card, and Michelle, employed as a teacher for Rockford public School, res 1530 National Ave.

1999-2000/2001: Thomas M. Hall, Ryan L. Hall, Ryan and Katherine Hall  Sold for $243,000. (  4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms

2002:  Michael B. and Tami R. Kellerman

Text source:  Rockford City Directories

National Ave., 1530 - 5

Source of Photos:, April 2013

National Ave., 1530 - 6

Source of photo: April 2013


National Ave., 1530 - 7

National Ave., 1530 - 8

Source:, April 2013

National Ave., 1530 - 9

Source:, April 2013