Smith’s Gasoline – 1925

Smith's Gas

Opened in 1925 at intersection of  North Main St. and Peach St., later the location of the Gas and Electric Building.

“Smith Gasoline and Oil Service Station; Plans and Specifications by Frank A. Carpenter, Architect, Brown Building.”

Source: The Rockford Morning Star, Dec. 18, 1925

Nihan and Martin Pharmacy – 25th Anniversary, 1954

* On the last page shown in this post, there is an architect’s drawing of Highcrest Shopping Center.  The architect was Raymond A. Orput.

Nihan and Martin - cover

Nihan - 1

Nihan - 2

Photo at upper left is at 1423 No. Main (and Auburn) as are all the others on the page above.

Nihan - 3

Nihan’s in Gas and Electric Building

Nihan - 4

Nihan’s at 311 No. Main St.

Nihan - 5

The Children’s medical Building was at 1425 Myott Ave.

Nihan - 6

Source:  Business folder in Vertical Files








Downtown Rockford, 1940’s – B & W footage

Tall building in center of opening screen is the Rockford Register Star building. The following buildings are also in the video: Standard Service Station (possibly Bliss Standard at 201 N. Church St.), the Faust Hotel, the Carnegie Rockford Public Library with Dome (1.46 on the film timer), Ziozk/Amerock Building, Brown Building, Gas and Electric Building, Hotel Nelson.

Main St., No., 303

Gas-Electric Bldg open

“Gas-Electric Building Has Open House”

“Rockford’s newest skyscraper at Jefferson and North Main streets, is holding open house this week, with the public invited to visit and inspect it.  The first three floors are occupied by Central Illinois Electric and Gas company and business and professional men occupy offices in the upper floors.  The Rockford University Club also is housed in the building.  The entire building and furnishings were produced by local contractors and industries.”

Source: Rockford Register Republic June 15. 1931

Main St., No., 303

Gas and Electric Building built at this address in 1935.

“Catlin Rites Today” says Gas and Electric Building was built on the site of the Richings homestead.

Mrs. Catlin’s maiden name was Richings.

pre-1935 Smith Oil and Refining Co. owned Smith’s Gasoline, Oiling and Greasing Station.

Photo of the station in article, printed by Rockford Labor News 5/2/1075

Article is in Rockfordiana: Historic Houses and Landmarks – 3, p 43, on back side.