Graham, Freeman

not in 1857 City Directory

Source: 1857 Rockford City Directory

1859-60, 1866  City Directory lists Graham as foreman, Talcott, Emerson & Co.

Source: 1859 – 1860 1866 Rockford City Directory

and Julia, and 5 children are in 1860 census here

Source: 1860 Federal Census

came to Beloit in 1855, and engaged in the implement business and 4 sons, Freeman, Byron, Julius and David, launched Graham Cotton Mills, Graham Distillery and paper mills

cotton mills, (Graham & Sons) resident 905 So main St.

Source: 1869 Rockford City Directory pg. 235


Main St., South, 1115

“Graham-Ginestra House”

Source: 1994 City Directory

“Graham-Ginestra House”; photo occupied by Leonard Ginestra past 41 years built by Graham family 109 years ago stone-block home; stone blocks hauled from Joliet, mid-1850’s photo of Ginestras, 3 house photos owners: Graham Distillery, Graham Cotton Mills,  Graham daughter m. Warner; in house until 1927

Graham-Ginestra House

Source: Rockfordiana – Historic Houses and Landmarks – 2 & Rockfordiana – Historic Houses and Landmarks – 3, p.12,13 Nuggets  of History March/Apr 1971 Rockford Register Star 05/01/1965 & Rockford Register Star Metro 7/30/1979 & Rockfordiana: Historic Houses and Landmarks-4 p 77