Joseph Giovingo connection to Graham Ginestra house 1922-24

“Alleged bootlegger” Joseph Giovingo,  brother of Paul Giovingo “bootlegger’s bootlegger” lived (rented?) at the Graham-Ginestra Home, 1215 S. Main St., as did Leonard Ginestra, 1922-23-24.

Source: Rockford City Directories

Main St., South, 1115

“Graham-Ginestra House”

Source: 1994 City Directory

“Graham-Ginestra House”; photo occupied by Leonard Ginestra past 41 years built by Graham family 109 years ago stone-block home; stone blocks hauled from Joliet, mid-1850’s photo of Ginestras, 3 house photos owners: Graham Distillery, Graham Cotton Mills,  Graham daughter m. Warner; in house until 1927

Graham-Ginestra House

Source: Rockfordiana – Historic Houses and Landmarks – 2 & Rockfordiana – Historic Houses and Landmarks – 3, p.12,13 Nuggets  of History March/Apr 1971 Rockford Register Star 05/01/1965 & Rockford Register Star Metro 7/30/1979 & Rockfordiana: Historic Houses and Landmarks-4 p 77


Rockford’s Oldest Houses

Rockford's Oldest House Herrick Cobblestone House, 2027 Broadway, Built 1847; Elijah L. Herrick; Cape Cod Colonial with Greek Revival style adaptations Graham-Ginestra House, 1115 So. Main St., Built in 1857, Freeman Graham, lived there 1857 – 1927. The Ginestra Family bought the home in 1927 and lived there until 2006. Civil War Hospital, “Camp Fuller Civil War Hospital,” 1260 No. Main St., built in 1842, Brewmaster’s House, Peacock Brewery, 500 No. Madison, Built circa 1845, Jonathan Peacock bought the house in 1849.  By his death in 1893, he was recognized as the richest man in the county, with an estate worth 1/2 a million dollars.  Jacob Posson House, 201 No. Second St., home of a Civil War Veteran, lost an arm in the Battle of Shiloh ; built 1842. Willard Wheeler House, 228 So. First St. Built 1843; Wheeler was the second tinner in Rockford, village trustee, mayor of Rockford.

Source: Nuggets of History; Vol. 52, No. 3,  October 2014