“Second Round Play Starts in Industrial” – 1939, Legion Park

Source:  Rockford Morning Star July 22, 1939

Bowling League Standings Oct 18 1949 – R.I.A.A. “A”, Business Men’s

Source: Rockford Sports and Entertainment Guide, Oct. 18, 1949

“Factory Teams Open Soft Ball League Season” – June 19, 1929

Source:  Rockford Daily Republic June 19, 1929  Article Continues Below

36th Annual RIAA Banquet – 1973, Henrici’s

36th RIAA - 1

Source: Copy of Program courtesy of Jack Rinaldo

36th RIAA - 2

36th RIAA - 3

36th RIAA - 4

720 No. Rockford Ave. – first occupied 1929

Rockford Ave. has had 3 names: until World War 1 it was Berlin Ave., and north of Rural St., it was called Daniel Ave..

The house was built during 1928.

Most recent sales were in March 1995, June 1996 and Oct. 2000.  The 2000 sale (to 2016) to E. Kirk, Lot 17, Block 006, Highland Heights Subdivision.

720 No. Rockford Ave,

Photo source: Jeff Aulik.

The first resident was Gustav Adolph Rupert Johnson, who was naturalized as a child, with his parents, who came to the United States in 1889.  He bought the house with his wife and they lived in this house until 1953. Rupert was a long time employee of Greenlee Bros.. He also was choir singer and soloist at Trinity Lutheran Church.  The musical programs, such as at holidays, were written up in the newspaper with a list of the songs performed.

The house was very likely a model home for the home and may have had a design sketch in the newspaper or a magazine. An architect, if there was a local one, might be listed on a building permit.



Spring Creek Rd., 2912 – Barloga, Geddes

Geddes - 3

Source: Rockford Morning Star May 22, 1966

Geddes - 1

Source: Rockford Morning Star May 22, 1966

Geddes - 4

Geddes - 5

Source: Rockford Morning Star May 22, 1966

Geddes - 6

Source: Rockford Morning Star May 22, 1966  Photos by James Quinn

Geddes - 7

Geddes - 8

Source:  Rockford Morning Star May 22, 1966

Geddes - 9