Chicago & Northwestern Railway 1902 Freight Station

Freight 1  V Front, east corner, So. Church and Cedar streets

Freight 2 V Front, (north side of building), So. Church and Cedar streets

Freight 3 east end  East end of building

Freight 4 rear from east Rear, (south side of building) from east end

Freight 6 from west Rear (south side and west end of building) from west side

Chicago & Northwestern Railway Freight Depot at 505 So. Church and Cedar streets, built in 1902.  A previous Freight Building existed south of the railroad tracks. 40′ x 250′. Architect: Frost and Granger, Chicago; Contractor Grindele, from Chicago.

Prior to the C & NW Freight Depot, an old bottling works was on this property, and was razed to make room for the freight depot.

Chicago & Northwestern Railway provided service for 98 years (Chicago to Freeport, stopping in Rockford) ending on April 14, 1950.

Source:  numerous newspaper articles; photo source:  Jan Carter 8/7/2014