Winnebago County, Illinois map, 1870

Source: 1870 Winnebago County, Illinois Map, showing former townships of New Milford (annexed 1916)  and Guilford (annexed 1929), now part of Rockford Township.

Guilford Township becomes part of Rockford Township

To the Honorable Board of Supervisors of Winnebago County, Illinois:
We, your Committee on Elections, to whom was referred the matter of the united of the Town of Rockford and the Town of Guilford into one Town, and the election upon said proposition, respectfully present to the following resolution with the recommendation that it do pass:
WHEREAS, Upon canvass of the votes cast at the election held on Tuesday, the second day of April, 1929, in the Towns of Rockford and Guilford In Winnebago County, Illinois, upon the proposition of uniting into one Town the said Town of Rockford and the said Town of Guilford, it was found that a majority of the voters in each of said Towns voting upon the question of uniting at said election, voted for uniting said towns: therefore,
BE IT RESOLVED, By the Board of Supervisors of the County of Winnebago in the State of Illinois, that it be and is herev[sic]by declared that said Town of Rockford and said Town of Guilford are united into one town to be known as and named Rockford, and that the boundaries thereof shall be the same as the boundaries of all the territory of the former towns of Rockford and Guilford as shown and defined upon the Map of the County of Winnebago and State of Illinois.
Committee on Elections.
Source: Official Report of the Board of Supervisors of Winnebago County, Ill. From April 11, 1929 To March 5, 1930, p.31, col.1