Rockford Industrial Athletic Association

Rockford Industrial Athletic Association

1940 team captains:

Ebaloy: Stinkas, Guagliardo, Savitski

American Cabinet Hardware: Gustafson, Seiter

Rockford Mitten: Jasper Giovingo, Sam Maggio

National Lock: Harlan Anderson, Segar


Source:  Rockford Morning Star, 9/1940

Rockford Public Library

Rockford Public Library

Article contains photograph of Rockford Public Library Board President, Robert Gustafson, President of Sundstrand Engineering Company, with Miss Jessie DeWitt, Rockford Public Library staff.  Also mentioned is Miss Faith Armstrong, librarian.

Gustafson was appointed by Mayor Bloom in 1938, and became Board President in 1943.  He is a prolific reader.

The board went all out last fall for a proposed referendum which was rejected by voters.

The board hopes for extension services, public service lectures, adding a phonograph record department, and to play a larger part in children’s education.

There has been a 30% increase in periodicals and books since 1938, and there is reading to the sick in all three hospitals.


Source: Rockford Morning Star, 07/13/1947