Rockford ProAm – 1984, 1985, 1986

ProAm 1984:  Fred Couples, pro, Harry Ritter, amateur

 Harry Ritter and Dick Mulcahey, amateurs, Fred Peoples, Pro, 1984


ProAm 1985, fundraiser for Rockford Memorial Hospital, held at Rockford Country Club,

Second from left: John Inman, pro golfer, far right in photo, Harry Ritter.

 Dick Baer, caddy and Harry Ritter, amateur, 1985

John Denver, singer/celebrity, Rockford ProAm 1986



Source: loaned by Jan (Ritter) Carter


West Suburban Fire Dept. – Rockford Firelog

W.S.F.D. - 1

Column on left side begins with Rock River Fire Dept., then with bold print title, West Suburban begins

W.S.F.D. - 2

W.S.F.D. - 3

The picture and the upper left hand column are West Suburban, the rest of the text on the page is about Northwest Fire Dept.

Source: “Rockford Firelog” a book about Rockford’s Fire Dept. and Volunteer Fire Departments

“Ritter Heads New Fire Department” – 1949

Harry Ritter

Source:  Rockford Morning Star August 13, 1949

Harry Ritter - 2

Source: Rockford Firelog      Harry ritter is kneeling in light pants in the front row. His father, Fred C. Ritter, is standing in the third row, behind Harry, in light shirt.