Veterans Who Have Passed–John Noble Schmidt

Source:  Rockford Register Star, May 13, 2019.

Harvard University’s Immigration to the United States

1789 – 1830

This is not a list of immigrants, with searchable database, such as Ellis Island’s.  Rather this tells of the history regarding many groups, such as the Chinese Exclusion Act, signed into law 1882, and not repealed until 1943 by the Magnuson Act,

It is fascinating reading, most of it not taught in general education.


Seth G. Atwood

Seth Glanville Atwood, son of Seth B. and Helen Mae (Glanville) Atwood

Died Sunday 02/21/2010 at age 92, the longtime leader of the Atwood family business interests

He introduced “The Scanlon Plan”, a type of gain sharing plan that paid a bonus to employees

He served on dozens of boards, was a longtime leader in civic causes, especially education

He was on the Community Education Task Force, formed in 1992, and was an early backer of charter schools

He was a collector of over 3,000 timepieces, and opened the Time Museum in 1970

The Time Museum closed when the family sold the Clock Tower Resort

Seth G. Atwood
Seth G. Atwood

In 1910, brothers James and Seth B. Atwood (father of Seth G. Atwood), moved to Rockford

They formed Atwood Vacuum Machine Tool Company

Seth G. Atwood took over the family industries in 1953

In 1985 he sold Atwood Industries to John Anderson of Anderson Industries

He had an MBA from Harvard University in 1940, and a BA from Stanford University

He managed several family businesses from banking to venture capital to and real estate

He was involved in developing a three wheeled, energy efficient car at the 1984 Chicago Auto Show

In 1971 he founded the Time Museum, located at the Clock Tower Resort

When the museum closed in 1999, the timepieces were sold to the City of Chicago for $20 million

He was a founding member of the American section of the Antiquarian Horological Society

Seth G. Atwood
Seth G. Atwood

Survived by children Mr. and Mrs. Seth Lang (Connie) Atwood of Boulder City, NV; Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Triner (Patricia) Atwood of Rockford and Mr. and Mrs. Paul (Diane Atwood) Reilly of Chicago

Predeceased by wife Patricia J. Lang Atwood of River Forest and sister Barbara Mae Atwood of Rockford

A memorial gathering will be held at Rockford Country Club, arrangements by Olson Funeral Home and Crematory, private graveside service at Greenwood Cemetery, memorials to The Independent Institute, Oakland


Source:  Rockford Register Star, 02/24/2010

Rockford Female Seminary

Rockford Female Seminary

“The Rockford Seminary is collegiate in character, and bears the title on account of the popularity of that title forty year ago when the Seminary was founded.  The location of the Seminary on high ground in East Rockford, commanding a full view of the pretty Forest City and the shining waters of the romantic Rock River , are such as to commend it as a health resort.  The seminary is not a denominational school, yet it is strictly a Christian school.  Its buildings, as will be seen by engravings in another part of this book, are extensive brick buildings, in the midst of a grove of oak and hickory trees, covering in all ten acres in extent.  The Seminary is very popular , and numbers among its pupils each year students from all over the United States.  One of the features which has done much to build up the popularity of the school with parents is the fact that the health of the pupils is carefully looked after.  This is done by a comprehensive system of training in the gymnasium , run under the Sargent rules now in vogue in Harvard University.”

“Board of Trustees: Professor Joseph Emerson, D.D., Preseident, Beloit Wisconsin; G.A. Sanford, Esq., Vice-President, Rockford; Thomas D. Robertson, Esq. Treasurer, Rockford, William A. Talcott, Esq., Secretary, Rockford.”

“Executive Committee—Hon. Wm. Lathrop, Chairman, Sarah F. Anderson, Secretary, Wm. A. Talcott, Esq., Mrs. Seely Perry, John Barnes, Esq., Henry H. Robinson, Esq.”
Source of picture and text: “Industrial and Picturesque Rockford, ” by Eugene Browne and F. Ford Rowe, 1891.