Rockford Civic Newcomers Club – Fashion Show 9-7-1972

Source:  Rockford Civic Newcomers Club scrapbooks


“Restaurants lure fast-food crowd” – 1977


Source:  Rockford Register-Star Nov. 20, 1977


36th Annual RIAA Banquet – 1973, Henrici’s

36th RIAA - 1

Source: Copy of Program courtesy of Jack Rinaldo

36th RIAA - 2

36th RIAA - 3

36th RIAA - 4

Seth G. Atwood

Seth G. Atwood

Son of Seth B. Atwood

Took over Atwood Vacuum Machine in 1953

Diversified company’s operations into banking and land development

Purchased former Henrici’s Hotel; renamed it the Clock Tower Resort

Established the Time Museum

Sold museum in 1999 to Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry

The rest was auctioned by Sotheby’s


Source:  “Rockford Big Town / Little City”  977.331  C973r, Rockford Public Library

Time Change – Daylight Savings Time

It's the time

“Spring ahead, Fall back.”

“With that in mind you’ll get with daylight savings time if you set your clocks ahead one hour tonight.”

Photo: Mrs. Nancy Hess, English teacher at Beyer School, and Louis Romaine, curator of the Time Museum at Henrici’s.

Source: Rockford Morning Star April 24, 1971