Main St., South, 107-111

Dow Block: W.H. Cook, genl. contractor, D.C. Dow, office, Idlers Club, I O O F Hall, Arthur T. Johnson, tailor, James T. Joslin, insurance, loans, real estate, I.G. Lutz, fire extinguishers, W.H. Sovereign, real estate, R.E. Turney, insurance

Source: 1911 Rockford City Directory

Dow’s Block: W H Cook, general contractor, D.C. Dow, office, I O O F Hall, A T Johnson, tailor, Rockford Chauffeurs Club, Oscar Schubert, millwork, Te-A-Kun-Kha, B.E. Wade, investments, H.J. Wilcox, real estate

Source: 1916 Rockford City Directory

Dow’s Block

Source: 1921 Rockford City Directory

Dow’s Block: Mrs. Augusta Kreth, beauty parlor, Rockford Window Cleaning Co., Mrs. Maria Stahl, Van’s Saxaphone Shop, W.T. Grant Co.

Source: 1926 Rockford City Directory

State St., West, 604

I. O. O. F. Hall

The Welcome Club

604 West State St.

Source: 1919 Rockford City Directory


Checker Paint Store  (Paul C. Brockman, Christian G. Nelson, owners)

604 West State St. and 1142 Broadway St.

Source: 1949 Rockford City Directory


Roman Club Hall

604 West State St.

Source: 1957 Rockford City Directory