Rockford Magazine – February 1995, Vol. 10, No. 2

Source: Rockford Magazine, February 1995, Vol. 10, No. 2, cover above, contents below

Standing: Mike Leifheit, owner and waiter (at least for this picture), Irish Rose Saloon. page 16

Jeffrey Primm, owner Primm and Proper gym, Mr. World of 1983.  Graduate of Auburn High School.  Page 44.

“Ex-deli Owner to open new bar downtown today” – 1-5-1990

Source: Rockford Register Star January 5, 1990

Rockford Magazine, March 1995 – cover, table of contents

Source: Rockford Magazine, March 1995 cover above

Some names in this issue include:  Corporate Temporary Employment Service ad, Furst Pros ad, Lucerne’s Fondue and Spirits ad, Mostly Cats Veterinary Clinic ad, Kelly Temporary Services ad, Alpine Bank ad, Jim Nutt, Kind Gallery, Larry Schumacher, The Noise Chamber, Jimmy Johnson, Gaffney Employment Services, Expressions, Beer Necessities, Lorden Distributing, Sandy McKnight, Beer Gear, LaMonica Beverages, David Krusell, Life Stories,  Weis Morris ad, American TV ad, Il Posto ad, Rockford Standard Furniture ad, 20/20 Optical Center ad, Boss Distributors ad, The Parker store, Eagle Ridge Inn ad, Bev and Joe Capone, Gambino Realtors ad, Tom and Marion Gentry, Juanita and Guadalupe Garcia, Peg and Jerry Goral, Jerald and Sheila Grady, John Deere Health Care ad, p 25, St. Anthony’s Church, photo p 26, First Lutheran Church, photo, p. 26, Grotto chapel St. Mary’s, photo p 27, First Presbyterian Church, photo, p.30 Pilgrim Baptist Church, pho, p. 31; Second Congregational Church, photo, p. 31, Fred Spear WROK Radio police and fire reporter, p 32, Rockford School Board Judith Picus, p 32, John Gile children’s author, p 32, Keedi’s Family Restaurant, p 32, Stanley Campbell, Mekong Restaurant, photo, p 33, Alvin Becker, First of America Bank, p 33, Sullivan’s, The Bakery p 33, Bill Baylor, Greater Rockford Airport, p 33, Bing’s Drive-In, McDonald’s p 33.   99 pages in issue.

“Irish Rose Saloon Intersection” – 1961 map, pre-street changes

In 2017, the Irish Rose Saloon is one corner of a four lane street and East State St., address: 519 East State St.  In 1961 it was a two lane street.  What changed?

Source: 1961 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map

Streets marked with pink are East State and Kishwaukee

Orange property is Irish Rose Saloon, 519 E. State St.

Yellow area are buildings that were demolished.  The Rockford Transit Co. building was not razed.  A left turn and a right turn lane was added at this intersection later than 1971 and before 1986 (as far as staff pursued the year the street and turning lanes were added,)

The Irish Rose Saloon is on the property that was the original site of Rockford settler Daniel Haight’s barn.


State St., East, 414

B.R. Waldo, wall paper and window shades

Source: 1880 Rockford City Directory

Valleau’s American Restaurant  (Donald P. Valleau)

Source: 1949 City Directory

Blackhawk Letter Service

Michael Vass bookbinder

Source: 1952 Rockford City Directory


Boston Lunch restr; Louis Matsakis, Owner

Source: 1962 – 2001 Rockford City Directory

Wired Cafe

Source: Rockford Register Star 1/4/2012 “Go” Section


Groove Walk-ing Dead

“Groove Walk returns to downtown Rockford Oct. 18”

“Musical walk to showcase live music at 15 establishments”

“The event is a celebration of Rockford’s downtown  nightlife and music scene. The musical will showcase some of Rockford’s unique establishments and amazing musical talent.”

“Groove Walk was originated by the On The Waterfront committee and then handed over the rights to RAMI. RDA got on board in collaboration with RAMI to bring the event back after being gone for two years.”

Source: Rock River Times, Oct. 15-21, 2014, Vol. 21, No. 52