“My Story of the War…of the Rebellion” – Mary A. Livermore

700 pages, published by A. D. Worthington and Co., 1890, numerous black and white engravings and also color plates of unit flags, Battle Flags, and more.   Potter Collection in Local History; books must be read in Local History and cannot be checked out.

Livermore - 1

Cover Spine, above

Livermore - 2

Author Mary A. Livermore, engraving from photograph

Livermore - 3

Famous Union Battle Flags, 1. Eleventh Regt. Connecticut Volunteers, 2. Headquarters Guidon Old Vermont Brigade, 3. Gen. Sedgwick’s 6th Corps Headquarters Flag

Livermore - 4

“Prayer Meeting in a Contraband Camp – Washington, 1862”   painting by W. P. Sheppard, engraving from painting by J.J. Cade, New York

Livermore - 5

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Source:  “My Story of the War: A Woman’s Narrative of Four Years of Personal Experience As Nurse in the Union Army, and in Relief Work at Home, in Hospitals, Camps, and at the Front, During the War of the Rebellion. With Anecdotes, Pathetic Incidents, and Thrilling Reminiscences Portraying the Light and Shadows of Hospital Life and the Sanitary Service of the War,” by Mary A. Livermore, A.D. Worthington and Co., Hartford, Conn., 1890

List of Battle Flags, pp 15-16

Potter Collection, Local History, Rockford Public Library