1919 Rockford High School Football Team

Members of the 1919 Rockford high school football team that holds city single season scoring record of 360 points.  Team members are, front row from left, Finch Seal, Joe Swanson, Kean Walden; second row from left (all seated) Bill McCoy, Coach E. I. McDonald, Jack Anderson; third row from left, H. Dick Countryman, George Dufek, Bob Dannenberg, Floyd Stotler; fourth row from left, Harold (Ox) Johnson, Austin Countryman, Cecil Derr; fifth row from left, Dick Valentine, and Carl Miltimore. Man at top is Ted Roland.


Jefferson Junior High School, 1959 – Ninth Grade, Aa – Ash


Source: Jefferson Jr. High School, 1959 Jeff’s Journal Yearbook, p 17


East High School, 1969 – Seniors, p 238


Source:  East High School, 1969 Argus Yearbook, p 238

East High School, 1957 – Senior class, p 43


Source:  East High School, 1957 Argus Yearbook


Lincoln Jr. High School – 1958-59 Swim Team

Lincoln Swim Team

Source: Lincoln Jr. High School 1959 Abe’s Album (yearbook)