“Fred Parker, Seth Atwood Cheat Death” – June 5, 1948 paper

Article about Adams death and the other 2 surviving is in Rockford Register-Republic, June 5, 11048, although not this identical article, which was cut out and sent to us by Jef Benedetti.

“Two Girls in Flying Class” – 1941

Source: Rockford Morning Star, Sunday, March 30, 1941    (donated by Jef Benedetti)

“Turns Pasture Into a Modern Flying Field” – 1941


Source: Rockford Morning Star August 17, 1941

Donated from saved newspaper clipping, by Jef Benedetti

“First Ships in Big Air Armada Due at 7 A.M.” – 1941



Source:  Rockford Morning Star August 17, 1941



Warren Leighton Carlson – WWII. 1943


Source:  Rockford Register-Republic February 10, 1943

Donated by: Jef Benedetti

Solange D’Hooghe = 1943, Ferry Pilot


Source:  Rockford Morning Star March 21, 1943

Donate by Jef Benedetti