Grand Army of the Republic

“Committees Named For Memorial Day” R.K. Welsh Will Make the Address. Exercises will be held on May 30, at the West Side Cemetery.

The John A. Logan camp of the Sons of Veterans  will go to Cherry Valley on Sunday to assist with…

General Chairman – Marcus A. Norton, General Secretary J.G. Manlove

Seats and Stands – Walter Van Alstyne, chm., Ed Ridgley, L. Hickox, S. Johnson, G.D. Brown

Decorating stand – S. F. Steffa, chm., William Andrews, J. L. McLain, D.W. Evans

Decorating Graves – V.D. Woodruff, A.N. Hoffman, J.N. Lillie, chairmen, Egbert Phelps, Martin Rhoades

H.H. Stone,John Beatson, W.F. Hudler, R.H. Burritt, C.H.C. Dagwell, Daniel Sullivan, H.R. Edwards,

B.F Lee, V.M. Wheeler, R.C. Norton, A.J. Dobson, James Chalmers, G.C. Bailey, William Buck,

F.E. Hubbell, D.C. Richards, A. Holmquist, S.A. Cummings, J.W. Mitchell, D.W. Day, N.C. Burroughs

Source: Rockford Republic 5/9/1911



Winnebago County Courthouse

Winn Co Courthouse 1891

“The affairs of the county have ever been administered with fidelity and wisdom.  She had always been well governed.  The most imposing court house in Illinois outside Chicago was built here at a cost of $250,000.”

“The leading county officials at the present time are:  County Judge: Rufus C. Baily; County Clerk: Marcus A. Norton; Circuit Clerk: Lewis F. Lake; Sheriff: Joel Burbank; County Treasurer: John Beatson; States Attorney: Charles J. Works; Supt. of Schools: Charles J. Kinnie; Coroner: N.S. Aagesen; Master-in-Chancery:  H.W. Taylor.”

Source:  “Industrial and Picturesque Rockford,” by Eugene Browne and F. Ford Rowe, 1891.