Rockford Pink Stockings

also known as The Rockfords, 1868-1870, “game of ball between colored boys”

Source: Winnebago County Chief newspaper 10/8/1868

a game with the “Atlantics” of Beloit mentioned in The Register, August 25, 1870 p 112 only roster known published in Chicago Tribune August 24, 1870: Armstrong, Winn, Williams p 112-3 inspired and possibly supported by the Forest City club; wore blue cap, white shirt, blue pants, pink socks played Chicago Blue Stockings Aug 1 1870 at the Fair Grounds, line scores published In Rockford newspapers

Source:  “African-Americans in Early Rockford” 977.331 M731a by John Molyneaux, pp 112-115

Rockford Forest City Baseball Club, 1871 – Molyneaux

Source: Nuggets of History, Vol. 50  Sept 2012  Number 3      9 pages