Sock Star, Rockford Life, Holiday, November-December 2006



Source: Rockford Life magazine, Holiday, November-December 2006, written by John Girone, photography by Scott Painter

Rosendahl Water Cure Resort


Source: Rockford Morning Star  August 29,1965  B2

“Furniture Center Lost Out to South” – 1968

Source:  Rockford Register-Republic, Feb. 15, 1968; Sesquicentennial Edition. Feb 15-16

“Famed Nelson Machine Made Over Industry — 1938 article

Below: Column 4

Source:  Rockford Morning Star March 20, 1938

Ziock Building

see also Rockford Automobile Show  (1923, held in Ziock Building)

416-24 So Main St.

Source: 1937 & 1945 City Directory
William Ziock Building

William Ziock Building

William Ziock Building

William Ziock Building

William Ziock Building

William Ziock Building 6

William Ziock Building

William Ziock Building Interior


William Ziock Exterior


William Ziock Building Construction

William Ziock Building 1920's

Knitting District

Above Source:

William Ziock Building artist rendering

Above, Gary W. Anderson Architects drawing with proposed changes

Source: Rockford Register Star 2/21/2014




William Nelson House, 1903 – 737 No. Main St.

Wim Nelson house sm

Source: Rockford To-Day 1903

William Nelson (wife, Olive H.) was the son of John Nelson, Nelson Knitting. He was the president of Forest City Knitting, v-pres B F Barnes Co., and Nelson Knitting Co., resided at 737 N Main St.  Source: 1903-1904 Republic’s Rockford and Winnebago County Directory.