Rockford Public Library – Union Contract

Rockford Public Library

Board approves contract, 2011

Rockford Public Library Board Approves Contract With Workers, 2011
Rockford Public Library Board Approves Contract With Workers, 2011


Source:  Rockford Register Star, 01/04/2011

Emerson and Co. – fire, 1889

owners of all water power property north of Union Furniture Co., 1889

Source: “Star’s First Extra Told of Costly Blaze; Waterpower Tragedy Caused Death of Ralph Emerson”

Rockford Morning Star  3/20/1938, also in Rockfordiana – Accidents (1) file, p. 1

“Major catastrophes have been few and far between in Rockford history during the last 50 years, and yet those that have occurred loom large in the minds of persons affected by them.”

“The first date is historically interesting in the Morning Star annals because the catastrophe on Aug. 25, 1889, caused the publishers to get out the first Morning Star “Extra.”  A total of 1,900 copies were sold, one newsboy selling over 400 and another 227.

The event that prompted The Star owners to publish its first extra edition was the destructive fire which wiped out the Union Furniture company plant on the waterpower and caused the death of Ralph Emerson, Jr., son of one of Rockford’s most prominent families.”

[several paragraphs later]

” A son of Ralph Emerson, of the firm Emerson and Co., owners of all the water power property north of the burning building, ….”


Arnold, Harold J., Jr

Born Aug. 18, 1932, in Rockford, son of Harold J., Sr. and E. Virginia (Nelson) Arnold.

Graduate of Rockford West High School class of 1950.

Served in U.S. Navy/Korean War.


Died June 29, 2014, in his home.

Olson Funeral and Cremation Services; Masonic Service in the funeral home.

Source: Rockford Register Star July 1, 2014


Hines, Reverend George Harrison, Jr.

1 photograph

born in Jackson, Mississippi

dedicated himself to urging members of the Black community to vote

pastor, Providence Missionary Baptist Church, 1966

founded Church of the Eleventh Hour Saints in 1972

served on boards and was advisor to others (listed in article)

Source:   Chromelight II magazine, January – March 2014, p 30