“City’s Sons and Daughters Known Across Globe” – 1962 article, 4 pictures



Source: Rockford Morning Star and Rockford Register-Republic “Century Plus 10” Special Edition, March 1962

Famous people from Rockford


Franklin Pl., 1011 Remodel by Jesse Barloga, architect

Frahnklin Pl., 1011 - 1

1011 Franklin Place

Source:  Marty Mangas photo ca. 1968-1972      Remodel Commissioned by Clarence Goodwillie

Franklin Place, 1011 - 2

Source of photo: Jan Carter, 2011

Franklin Place, 1011 - 3

Source of photo:  Jan Carter, 2011

Some early residents included:

1902:  Dr. Wm H. Fitch, wife Catherine; physician, surgeon and oculist, resided 1011 Franklin Pl.

1903-4:  Mrs. Florida L. Manny, widow of John, resided 1011 Franklin Place

1905-07:  Melancthon S. Brown, wife Ednah T., secretary and treasurer D J Stewart & Co., resided 1011 Franklin Pl

1908-1912 Kate F. O’Connor; Real Estate, Loans & Insurance, Pension Attorney and Notary Public, res 1011 Franklin Pl

1914:   John W. Kizer, wife Louise, secretary and treasurer Emerson -Brantingham Co. Implement Co. reside 1011 Franklin Pl

1916 – (1919/ and longer?) Fred L. Tritle, wife Angeline, manager Illinois Inspection Bureau, 208 Brown Bldg., reside 1011 Franklin Pl.

Source:  Rockford City Directories