“Italian Social Club Ready to Expand” – 2000

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Source:  Rockford Register Star Dec 24, 2000

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St. Ambrogio Society

Liq Lic App: Cesare Zeppieri,Ercole Ferri

Source: Rockfordiana “Liquor Traffic”

802 Montague St.

Source: Rockford Morning Star 1/14/1942 & 1952 City Directory

“Slot Machines Vanish Due to Baring of Sites”

Source: Rockford Morning Star 1/14/1942

St. Ambrogio Club

Source: Rockford Morning Star 4/9/1952

St. Ambrogio Society

Source: Rockfordiana: Associations S & T-2 & Rockford Register Star 11/9/1998

“Liquor Commission To Probe Gambling Case” Star 2/23/1973 “St. Ambrogio to close 3 Days” State police officers arrested three men Jan. 27 and seized gambling equipment, $257.25 in cash after observing card and dice games in progress. Martin Cacciapaglia, 35, James Caccio, 25 and Frank C. Giordano,35 arrested Vincent Sherman, club president, told police the stag had been approved by Rockford Police Sam J. Cannariato, attorney for the club, acknowledged that the gambling had taken place.

Source: Rockfordiana – Crime and Criminals – 3 & Rockford Morning Star 2/23/1973