Leonard H. Schmauss Succumbs to Heart Attack Obituary June 5, 1930

Source: Rockford Daily Republic  June 5th, 1930 pg. 1

Rockford Germania Gesang Verein – Sept 1881

A Birthday Benefit,

“Leonard Schmauss had a birthday yesterday. It was not the regular common-place, every-day sort of birthday, but was attended by some features of pleasure and surprise that will linger in Leonard’s diaphragm for future memory and solace.  It was determined by some of his friends, conspicuous among whom were Messrs. Isaac Bacharach, Philip Minzinger, and Anthony Collins, to make the occasion memorable.  They therefore devised a surprise, and a brigade of friend numbering fifty or sixty soon expressed their willingness to join hands with them in the pleasant task.  Leonard was induced to stay away from his house on East State Street, and during this absence this formidable company laid siege to it, effected an entrance and succeeded in laying all plans for a thundering surprise.  Leonard finally entered in company with his wife, and stood mute with astonishment as he gazed upon the assembled crowd, and as one and another stepped out and shook his hands until his arms ached.  After his spirits had calmed, Mr. William Crotty stepped forward and in a few well chosen words presented him with a handsome gold-headed cane, the joint gift of the friends present.  Then followed a season of jollity and merriment unexcelled. In the midst of the loudest mirth there was the sound of music borne in upon the breeze; all listened, and the round harmonious tones of the Germania Gesang Verein arose and fell in one of their best selections. This was an additional surprise which even the guests had not expected.  The serenaders were brought inside and joined with the others in making the festive occasion even more festive, their tribute of song being added to the hearty toasts and laughter of the others. All present departed at a late hour, praising the enjoyment of the occasion most highly and the hospitality of the host who, though surprised, was not found with an empty cellar.’

Source: Rockford Daily Register Sept. 30, 1881