Rockford Park District – “Uncommon Ground,” pages 20 – 27

Source: Rockford Magazine, November 1995, pages 20 – 27; by Pamela Prescott; All photos courtesy of Rockford Park District




Rockford Township farm Plat map – North West, 1957

Rockford Township plat NW

Source: Farm Plat Book, Winnebago County , 1957  Sponsored by Union Grange No. 811, Inc.

Black Family Reunion

black fam

Women United

Fannie Owens  Chairwoman of the Black Family Reunion

To feature Carol Mosely Braun at Kickoff Event

Event is for all, just like Fiesta Italiana or the Greek Fest

This year August 21 at Levings Park

No admission price

Has been taking place across the country for 20 years

In Rockford, the Black Family Reunion began in the 1990s