River Walk – 2006


Source:  Rockford Register Star August 30, 2006

Swedish Standard House

SwedishAmerican house

“The house at 1301 Benton St., Rockford, is a collaborative effort, part of the SwedishAmerican Foundation’s Neighborhood Renovation Project. It involves students in construction classes at East and construction students and instructors De la Gardiegymnasiet School in Lidkoping, Sweden.  The students and instructors worked side-by-side to build the house. The house is now finished, and a ribbon-cutting and renovation is scheduled for 10 a.m., Tuesday, June 3, at the house.”

“Matthew Walling, East High construction teacher, said this is the third school year his students have worked on the house. They and the Swedish students have built it from the ground up, handling every detail except the plumbing and heating. They have used the layering principle of Scandinavian construction. By installing insulation in different stages of the wall assembly – in the exterior, main stud and interior layers – it creates a continuously insulated, air-tight envelope. ”

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Source: Rockford Register Star May 25, 2014; article by Mary Kaull, Rockford Public Schools