Veterans Who Have Passed–Richard Frank Warner

Source:  Rockford Register Star, Aug. 19, 2020.

Lincoln School, later Franklin School (1926), 405 N. Court Street, opened 1892, closed 1971, demolished 1976

Sources: Photo: Photo Gravere Views, 1893; Map: Sanborn Atlas, 1913-1928 [Note that North Street is later Park Ave.]; Article: “Lincoln School Third Hospital,” Rockford Daily Register-Gazette, October 11, 1918, p.5. In October, 1918, it was one of three emergency hospitals during the Spanish flu pandemic, along with the Boys’ Club and the Knights of Columbus building on N. Main St. Lincoln was renamed Benjamin Franklin School in 1926, when Abraham Lincoln Middle School was built on Charles Street.


Lincoln Middle School, 1980 – 8th Gr: Ade – Bred, pp. 26-27

Source:  Lincoln Middle School, 1980 Abe’s Album, 8th Grade: Ade – Bred         Our thanks to Rockford School District for donating numerous yearbooks to our collection!


Cheap Trick (Band)

“Cheap Trick Drummer Recognized”   (Bun E. Carlos)

Story and photo of him added to the Lincoln Memorial at Lincoln Middle School.

Carlos’ recognition is part of the Capstone award which he received April 16.

Carlos attended Lincoln during the mid-1960s and joined Cheap Trick in 1974.

Other Capstone award winners include Carlos’ brother, hostage survivor Kurt Carlson.

See  R364.154 C2840 One American Must Die, by Kurt Carlson

Source:  Rockford Register Star 4/29/2010


Teachers Nominated for Golden Apple Award, 1997

***Partial List

Teachers nominated 2

Source: Rockford Register Star Nov. 27, 1997