Harlem Boulevard Homes

Harlem Blvd., 1953/1955

Harlem Blvd., 1953 1955

1955 Harlem Blvd., “The Blue House” remodeled by Kris and Patti Tumilowicz (“Dr. T.”), from Rockford Register Star Feb. 16, 1986

“The wholly remodeled Harlem Boulevard home Kris and Patti Tumilowicz will move into this Spring cost M. Raymond Shumway less than $25,000 to build in 1919-1920.”

“By the time tall, athletic dentist Tumilowicz and his petite, brown-eyed wife move in, they will have invested well over ten times that amount in the property.”

“Patti was born in Florida and raised in Rockford, while Kris is a native of England, born of Polish circus-performer parents.”

“The Harlem Boulevard house no longer looks as it did in the first 60-odd years of its life.  It was a shingled Cape Cod-style house, not large considering its deep riverbank lot. :

The realty firm of Ernie Hunter is doing the remodel.

“The roof has an enameled steel in a startling blue color Hunter helped Kris and Patti name “Billionaire Blue.”

Source: Rockford Register Star February 16, 1986

Harlem Blvd., 1952-55 - 2

Remodel includes addition to garage for boat/trailer, atrium, pond, fireplace, tub spa, large shower equipped with steam jets, room for parking for Kris’ 911 Porsche and Patti’s white Cadillac Seville.

“The house number was changed from 1955 to 1953 because that’s the year Kris was born. “We had the leeway because of the way the numbering system goes in that area,” Kris said, “and so we just changed it to something more significant to us.”

Harlem Blvd., 1953 google

Souce of photo of remodel: Http://maps.google.com , 2011