Winnebago National Bank

corner S. Main and Elm Sts. Succeeded to the banking business of Robertson and Starr, capital of this bank is $100,000. Thomas D. Robertson is President, M. Starr, cashier. Board of Directors: John Lake, Moses Bartlett, A.D. Forbes, W.A. Knowlton, Wm. A. Talcott, S.M. Church, more

Source: 1872-1873 Rockford City Directory

124 S. Main

Source: 1915 Rockford City Directory


Waltonian Club

“The Waltonian Club —  In March, 1865, a party of seven of our citizens went out to the lakes in Walworth and Kenosha counties, Wis., for the purpose of fishing through the ice. The ‘inhabited; a box car and for three days enjoyed themselves very much.  In August of the same year, the same party, with the addition of six or eight members, organized a hunting and fishing expedition to the beautiful Twin Lakes.  Taking with them two tents, fishing and hunting apparatus, boats &c., and a well stocked commissariat, four days were passed in the pleasantest manner imaginable.  The party were visited during their sojurn by several of our citizens, and on the last day of their stay at the Lakes, a large number of ladies paid them a visit, and were entertained in a sumptuous manner.

“Shortly after the return of the party from this excursion, the members met and organized a a club for the purpose of perpetuating the memories of the excursion and providing for future excursions of the kind.  The number of the club is limited to fifteen, and in order to secure harmony among its members, no one can join it unless he receives a unanimous vote.  The original members of the club were:

“A.H.H. Perkins,  John P. Manny, John R. Porter, W.G. Ferguson, D.D. Alling, C. L. Horsman, S. W. Stone, E. H. Griggs, H.D. Frost, A. Paxson, G.D. Palmer, G.M. Smith, H. Chandler, L.N. Cunningham, E. Cosper

“The present membership is the same, with two exceptions — M. Starr and S. G. Bronson, who were chosen to fill the vacancies occasioned by the death of Mr. Cunningham and the resignation of Mr. Cosper. The present officers are S.W. Stone, President; J. P. Manny, Vice President; Jonathan R. Porter, Secretary; D.D. Alling, Treasurer. The Club have two tents, fishing apparatus, and camp equipage of various kinds to make their excursions comfortable and pleasant.  The idea of the ‘Waltonian’ is a good one, and we should be glad to see many other Clubs of the kind organized in Rockford.  The annual meeting of the Waltonian takes place on Monday evening next, at the Register office, as will be seen by a notice in another column.”

Source: Rockford Weekly Register-Gazette, April 13, 1867, page 12