Emerson, Talcott & Co. – 1891

Emerson, Talcott & Co. This concern is one of Rockford’s oldest and most reliable firms, having been first established in 1852; incorporated in 1876.  They manufacture agricultural implements, and produce annually, almost one million dollars worth of their goods, and give employment to 350 hands, with an annual pay-roll of $225,000.  The factories cover two and one half acres of ground.

Source: “Industrial and Picturesque Rockford,” by Eugene Browne and F. Ford Rowe, 1891.

Emerson, Talcott and Co., Ralph Emerson, prest; Daniel Goodlander, vice-prest,; Wm. A. Talcott, secretary and treas.. Manufacturers of agricultural implements. Factory office, S. Main, over C. & I Railway Depot.

Source: 1892 Philippi’s Rockford City Directory

605 So. Main St.    Source: 1902 Rockford City Directory