Manny, John P.

photo with mower/reaper;

Source: Nuggets of History, cover

in Rockford 1852, made knives for reapers

Source: Rockfordiana “Bio MAL-MAN” article  2/8/1953

John P. Manny Mower Co.(reaper)

Source: 1852-1952 Rockford Centennial 977.33 R65

Black and White photos

Source: Rockford Register Republic 8/22/1914

Son of Pells Manny born in New York remarried 1867, 4 children bought present Burpee Art Gallery 1868 as his home
Died 11/16/1897 post Civil War assoc. with Elias Cosper, T.D. Robertson, &  Melanchton Starr

Source: Rockfordiana “Bio MAL-MAN” articles from 1914, 2/8/1953 & 2/8/1953

Emerson and Talcott

Emerson and Talcott

The Marsh Harvester, the Jones Corn Planter, the Behel and Lomax Cultivators, and Winnebago Seeders

Manufacturers of the new Manny Reaper and Mower combined, riding and walking cultivators, and the Acme Mower

Barnes Rake Office: 612 South Main Street


Source:  1872-73 Rockford City Directory