Nuggets of History, Summer 2017 – Rockford Remarkable Restaurants

Source:  Nuggets of History [Rockford Historical Society]; Summer 2017 issue, Vol. 56, Number 2; cover shown. Article by Amanda Becker.

Nine page article mentions the following restaurants and restaurateurs:  The Irish Rose, Stockholm Inn, Der Rathskeller, Capri and Linos, The Smokehouse Barbeque and Alvarez Restaurant, Mike Leifheit p. 4, Eklund Brothers Café p 4, Sweden House Restaurant p. 4, The Stockholm Inn p 4, The Brad-Lynn Restaurant p 4, Gus and Maxine Peterson p 4, Jim and Vera Osborn p. 4, John and Elaine Bilka, p 4, The Lingonberry Group, p. 4, Der Rathskeller Restaurant p 5, Fred Goetz p 5, Betty Giesen, p 5, Dick Giesen, p 5, Michael DuPre, p 5, Dom’s Restaurant p 5, Leonardi’s Restaurant p 5, Maria’s Restaurant, p 5, Capri Restaurant p 6, Vito Grisanzio p 6, Domenic Grasanzio p 6, Michael and Pat Battista p 6, Lino’s Restaurant, p 6, Joe Battista p 6, Frank Zammuto, p 6, Zina Horton p 6, El Dorado Club p 6, Archie “Papa” Hawkes, p 6, BB’s Soul Food Restaurant, p 7, Boria Blankenship p 7, Box’s Barbeque p 7, Smokehouse Authentic Bar-B-Que p 7, Gail and Stanley Fort, p 7, Wong S. Fong, p 8, Mandarin Gardens p 8, Lung Fung, p 8, Imperial Palace p 8, Kuma’s p 8, Wong’s p 8, Peking Restaurant p 8, Victor Yu, p 8, Great Wall Restaurant, p 8, Paul Wang, p 8, Gene and Suzy Wang, p 9, Yen Ching, p 9, Wen “Alex” Zeng, p 9, Alvarez Restaurant, p 9, Frank Alvarez, p. 9, Olympic Tavern p. 9, Guy Mutimer, p 9, Anthony Rotello, p 9, Town Hall Tavern, p 9, Chicken Charlie’s, p 10, The Feather Club, p 10, Ross’s, Piano Players, p 10, Gibby Anderson and Vern Ott, p 10, The Little King, p 10; Ten Stop-It, p 10, The Saddle and Cycle, p 10, Welch’s, p 10, Jacks or Better, p 10, Lee Pizzuto, p 10, Mike Pizzuto, p 10, Hick, Hickey’s,  Johnson’s and Erwin’s, Little Italy, p 10, North Main Manor p. 10, The Blackhawk, p 10, The Grotto, p 10, D’Augostine’s, p 10, Jim Cantrore, p 10, Jimmy Vitale, p 10, Jungle Jim’s, p 10, Stone Eagle, p 10.The Branding Iron, p 11, The Last Straw, p 11, The Mayflower Restaurant, cover.

Graceffa, Mary Frances

Died March 11, 2004. Born Sept. 21, 1925, daughter of Joseph and Vita Ruvolo, worked at Warner Lambert 18 years, Maria’s Restaurant 25 years, and Roma Bakery 5 years. Married Phil Graceffa May 21, 1944 in Algiers, La. Gasparini & Oliveri Funeral Home, St. Anthony Catholic Church. Survivors include husband, Phil, daughter Maria Schiro, sons Anthony (Sue), Phil Jr., and son Joseph (Cynthia) 7 grandchildren, Martin (Patricia) Ruvolo, sister Rose (Dale) Hribal

Source: Rockford Register Star March 2004

Owner of Maria’s [Restaurant] May Open New Restaurant – 2016

Chuck Sweeny

Source:  Rockford Register Star May 17, 2016


E. J. “Zeke” Giorgi –

Zeke - 1Source:  Rockford Register Star November 19, 1983

Zeke - 2


Cason, Maria – Maria’s (Restaurant)

Maria's Restaurant

Anthony Cason, 1209 Cunningham st., interrupts a cooking operation to tell his mother, Mrs. Maria Cason, 833 Cunningham st., why the 10-cent corporate tax rate increase should rate a “yes” vote in Tuesday’s election. As business people, the Casons are opposed to any use of nuisance taxes to produce city revenue.

Source: Rockford Morning Star April 1, 1955